Face to Face: Women on the Forefront of History was commissioned by Union Theological Seminary. It is comprised of 19 portraits of  women who have made significant contributions to  women's rights. Their images have been silkscreened onto stainless steel disks and fashioned as hand mirrors and are displayed on six custom- made ladders. Viewers are invited to interact with the mirrors in order to see their own reflections in or next to the face of the woman inscribed on each mirror. 

The installation will be on display until the Fall of 2018 in

Burke Library at: 

Union Theological Seminary,                  3041 Broadway, NY, NY 10027

For library hours, please call:

 (212) 851-5606

For more information or to schedule a future installation of Face to Face in a gallery or institution , please contact Renée Monrose at renee.monrose@me.com.


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